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GGS Consultancy offers a range of change and project management services which you can pick and choose dependent on your needs or where your gaps in capacity or capability lie.



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Being transparent about the compelling reason for change, what it will (and won’t) deliver and what investment it requires is essential.

We can support you to:

  • Clearly define your future state
  • Articulate your roadmap to get you there
  • Build the business case for change
  • Get your project up and running
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Delivering Change

Delivery is everything. Achieving it requires tight project management, change control and governance.

We manage your project from start to finish:

  • Manage delivery of the project across internal teams and external delivery partners
  • Manage risks, issues and dependencies
  • Manage budgets
  • Establish and report through effective governance frameworks

Embedding Change

For change to stick it has to be adopted by all those impacted by it. They have to feel part of the process rather than having change “done to them”.

To make the change effective we can support you with:

  • Impact assessing the change for people, processes, policy, IT
  • Engaging with stakeholders to understand and advocate change
  • Developing a change management strategy to effect the change – engagement, training, communications led
  • Delivering training, communication and engagement plans
  • Creating effective feedback mechanisms to inform the change management effort

Some of the programmes we have shaped, delivered and embedded


Groundbreaking Performance management framework (inc all policy, system, process and service model changes) for Financial Services client


Business change strategy for HR and Treasury as part of a global Financial Services demerger


Pension scheme merger and investment fund manager transition inclusive of changes to pension administration model and IT platforms


Comprehensive business change programme in support of the introduction of decentralised HR model across 15000 employees / managers


HR transformation programme in support of a global merger (including changes to terms and conditions, HR service model, introduction of global policies and processes and a new HR IT platform)


IT led programme of change for a social care charity impacting fundraising management, scheduling and support management

What our clients have said about us . . .

You have been an absolute driving force and brilliant at ensuring the project has been delivered despite the twists and turns on that rollercoaster
Thank you for being a project manager who keeps us on track in the right way – with focus, determination but most of all humour (a skillset that can be missing)
Where there have been competing stakeholder demands you have worked tirelessly and effectively to prioritise and keep the respective stakeholders happy

Shape, Deliver and Embed Change

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